Sabian Cymbal Vote 2013 Winners Announced

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Sabian have announced the winners of Cymbal Vote 2013! The Air Splash, Freq Crash, Bash Ride and X-Plosion Hats will all see production in 2013 and the best news is they’re available and in stock right now!

What is Cymbal Vote?

Cymbal Vote allowed drummers from around the world to determine what new models SABIAN would introduce in 2013. SABIAN has long been know for its innovation in cymbals, and frankly, each year we develop more cool new ideas than we can introduce as new products in a single year. So we decided to let you decide! At you could see the 12 cymbal candidates, and also dozens of videos featuring great drummers like Mike Portnoy, Ray Luzier, Tony Royster Jr., and Tomas Haake. These drummers give you the chance to hear the cymbals in several musical settings and even hear their comments on how each performs.