What are Fidelitron Pickups? Fender Fideli’tron vs. Gretsch Filtertron

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Fender Fideli'tron vs. Gretsch Filtertron. We take a first look at the new Fender Fideli'tron pickups that can be found in the Cabronita Telecaster

When Fender released their new Cabronita Telecaster, they announced that it included new Fideli’tron pickups.

Lots of people were asking “What are Fideli’tron pickups? What do Fideli’tron pickups sound like? And how do Fideli’trons compare to the famous Gretsch Filtertron?”

We decided to compare a solid body Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet guitar to the new Cabronita Tele to get a first impression of how the pickups compared. Here’s what we found…

The Fideli’trons sounded more like single coils than the Filtertrons

Whilst the sound of the Fideli’trons most definitely wasn’t pure single coil, it didn’t quite have the same thickness as the Filtertrons. The tone was still rounded though and it really suited the Cabronita Tele – it was a good middle ground between traditional Tele ‘thinness’ and the weightier-sounding humbucker.

The Fideli’tron in the bridge of the Cabronita Tele was bright, but not as “sharp” sounding as a Tele normally is

The sound of the Fidelitron in the Cabronita was sweeter, and more ‘jangly’ whilst the Gretsch had a bit more low-midrange behind it.

The Fideli’tron and Filtertron neck pickups sounded more similar to each other than the bridge pickups

However, we still think that the Filtertron was more “humbuckerish”. The difference was quite subtle and might be down to the different bodies of the guitars more than anything. The Fideli’tron produced a sound that was very similar to a normal tele neck single coil pickup but with more weight, whilst the Filtertron sounded more traditionally “low output humbucker” – as you might expect.

The Fideli’trons worked really well on the Cabronita

We all agreed that if Fender had just put Filtertrons into the Cabronita, it probably wouldn’t have sounded as good. At the heart of it, the Cabronita is still a Tele and the Fideli’tron pickups deliver just a bit more beef to some of the Telecaster’s defining sounds without completely taking away the vintagey bridge-pickup and rounded Tele neck-pickup characteristics that are often associated with single coil pickups.

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