Brand New Roland Digital Pianos for 2014!

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Roland's new 2014 product range includes fully-featured HP pianos, DP pianos, and the LX15e upright digital piano.

Whether you have made a New Year’s resolution to finally get around to learning to play or you’re considering an upgrade on a digital piano you may already have, why not celebrate entering 2014 with one of these brand new Roland Digital Pianos.

Take a look at the simple run-throughs on the latest of what’s on offer from Roland:

DP-90e Digital Piano

A stylish, modern piano boasting a sophisticated and contemporary black finish, offers the sound and feel of a classic.

If you desire a compact and beautifully understated premium piano with a stylish Contemporary Black finish, the DP-90e could be your answer. Appreciate the SuperNATURAL sound engine and accurately recreate the sound of an acoustic grand piano. The PHA-4 Premium Keyboard employs the latest in touch-sensing technology , helping you enjoy the piano’s rich tonal variations and natural dynamics, while the minimal, yet elegant design of this piano stirs connotations of the aesthetics of a high-end piece of furniture. Also working alongside Roland’s free piano apps for Apple iOS devices, the DP-90e is compatible for use with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, helping you enjoy your personal practise sessions.

Find out more about the Roland DP-90e here

HP504 Digital Piano

Probably the most affordable home piano in Roland’s HP range, the HP504 boasts classic design, sound and feel.

Its enhanced SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine employs a Dynamic Harmonic feature for fortissimo playing, while the new PHA-4 Premium Keyboard with Escapement and Ivory Feel includes the latest touch-sensing technology to fully explore its rich tonal variations and natural dynamics.

Headphones, keep your practise sessions personal and while most other digital pianos can often provide bland and uninspiring audio quality, the HP504 boasts a unique sound field of an acoustic piano via the Headphones 3D Ambience effect.

With a built-in tuner, the HP504 never needs tuning and also being able to record your playing and then listen back to evaluate your musical skills, this is one digital piano that will help yuo develop as a musician. Choose from a variety of modes such as a classic grand piano sound, smooth electric pianos, jazzy organs or majestic strings and play along to your favourite songs through a USB connection and listen to them through the HP504’s speakers . Also working alongside Roland’s free piano apps for Apple iOS devices, the DP-90e is compatible for use with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, helping you enjoy your personal practise sessions. Available in Rosewood or Contemporary Black, this modern classic is elegant, yet understated look that brings a touch of class into your home.

Click here to find out more about the Roland HP504 Pianos

HP506 Digital Piano

The classic home piano with a four-speaker sound system

The bigger-brother to the HP504, the HP506 is aimed towards young students and more advanced players. This mid-range HP piano uses the same SuperNATURAL sound engine as the other models in the series, but introduces the Acoustic Projection sound system, PHA-4 Concert-class keyboard and is available in Contemporary Black or Rosewood finishes.

Instead of the usual two, the HP506 has four speakers strategically positioned to provide a rich, warm sound coming from where it would in an acoustic piano, offering you a real connection with the instrument. Upgraded to its PHA-4 Concert-class, the HP506 is highly sensitive captures the most subtle nuances of your playing where the keys replicate the unique appearance, touch and moisture-absorbing properties of genuine ebony and ivory. With quieter action than previous models, the risk of disturbing others during your rehearsal sessions when using headphones.

Elegant with a timeless design that’s as nice to look at as it is to play, you also get everything that makes the HP504 so enjoyable to use, including the Piano Designer, 3D Headphones sound, built-in recorder, USB connectivity, free Roland piano apps and no tuning costs.

Find out more about the HP506 here.

HP508 Digital Piano

The ultimate home piano with a six-speaker sound system

This flagship digital piano blends style, feel and sound. Based on the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, its stunning cabinet design and six-speaker Acoustic Projection system gives the HD508 the daddy seat at the table.

The HP508’s premium six-speaker Acoustic Projection system becomes the cherry on the top of a very tasty cake, offering pure, true-to-life tone hard to differentiate from an acoustic piano. Blending low, mid and high timbres the HD508 accurately recreates the sound field of an acoustic grand piano providing the emotion and character found in acoustic pianos, yet holds all the advantages of a digital piano.

Providing the same highly-sensitive PHA-4 Concert-class keyboard found within the HP506, you’ll hear the SuperNATURAL Piano sound as you play, while Acoustic Projection speakers work together for an undeniable experience. Gain all of the HP piano standards including the Piano Designer, 3D Headphones sound, built-in recorder, USB connectivity, free Roland piano apps and no need for tuning – ever.

Available in three finishes, Contemporary Black, Rosewood and Polished Ebony, the HP508 is also the largest piano in the range. Sharing a more imposing design compared to other models, this piano makes a statement through its bold, confident lines, sturdy front legs and an overall feeling of strength, prestige and stateliness.

Click here to find out more about the Roland hP508 pianos.

HPi-50e Digital Piano

The piano that teaches you how to play it

The HPi-50e showcases a colour ‘DigiScore’ screen which displays sheet music and exercises, helping you improve. Combining Roland’s SuperNATURAL piano engine with their powerful Acoustic Projection speakers and an authentic Ivory Feel keyboard action, the HPi-50e replicates the sound and feel of a world-class concert grand piano.

The DigiScore colour screen is housed within the music rest, displaying digital sheet music with a choice of nearly 400 built-in songs. that Automatically turning the page for you, you are also given the option to add other songs via SMF (Standard MIDI Files) data. Offering a wide range of exercises and games, learning is made fun for younger children while older players will appreciate the ability to perfect their playing technique and notation reading.

More info on the HPi-50e is coming soon

LX-15e Digital Piano

A digital piano for everyone, offering a comfortable transition from acoustic to digital.

Simply put, this is a digital piano for people who love the usual qualities of acoustic pianos. The LX-15e digital piano boasts the timeless elegance of a classic upright piano, yet offers the creative potential and benefits of a digital piano. Adding Roland’s superior piano technology, the LX-15e is beautiful to behold, beguiling to play, and capable of satisfying all types of players.

Combining natural piano sound, keyboard feel and cabinet construction Roland bring to you an instrument that will provide hours of enjoyable playing and rehearsal time, helping you improve your musicianship skills. The LX-15e also works with Roland’s free piano apps for Apple iOS devices, compatible for use with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Available in Polished Ebony and Polished White.

Click here to find out more about the Roland LX15e.