What Are The Best Piano Apps To Learn in 2023?

What apps can you use to help guide you on your learning adventure? Check out our recommendations.

Robin Tindill

Robin Tindill

A new year, a new beginning, a new piano? But which one should you pick and how can you tell? There are plenty of videos from Andertons on our website showcasing how amazing some of these piano’s sound and feel. All of these are very important when it comes to picking out a piano and once upon a time these were the only things to consider, but these days the quality of sound from the likes of Roland, Casio and Yamaha are so incredibly high, we thought it would be best to see what else is on offer to support your learning!

One of the best ways to learn piano, or just improve, is by practicing, having fun and importantly using a piano teacher. But what happens if you don’t have access to a piano teacher, or, need that little bit of help in between lessons when rehearsing? What can the different piano manufacturers provide in terms of resources?

We’ve picked out some of the best features that can assist your playing and help you and your children learn some new musical skills. These all require the use of a smart phone, be that iOS or Android.

What are piano apps?

These can be apps that either sync to your piano, allowing you to gain extra features such as recording or interactive lessons, or additional controls for easily selecting sounds.


Casio have a long history of providing top quality instruments. Currently they have their Casio Music Academy, an online service that includes keyboard lessons from their partners at Gigajam, tv shows, and software to give you the best home learning experience possible. Once you have purchased your Casio keyboard, you can register it and gain access to this sweet set of virtual learning.

Our very own Jack checked out some of the Casio Music Academy in our video here!


Yamaha have a range of apps available for iOS and Android designed to help you learn and perform with their keyboards including Flowkey, Smart Pianist and Rec’n’Share. Flowkey is an interactive app for helping you to learn the piano, play along to interactive songs, tutorials, and courses. The app will then give you immediate feedback on your piano playing and support your progress. Next is the Yamaha Smart Pianist, another app from which will help you learn by playing preset songs via MIDI to your Yamaha keyboard, showing you how to play it and then allowing you to take the show. Rec’n’Share is the last app, this allows you to film and record your child’s playing and share with friends and family, which can be an amazing experience and moral booster for any performer.


Roland has a long history of making exceptionally high-quality instruments and they have continued this into their virtual space, the Piano Partner 2 Version 2.0 is available for Android and iOS. Most Roland pianos come with 300 songs built in and this app allows you easy access to part muting, play back, and navigating the array of songs. This can be exceptionally good for learning as you can mute elements of a song and then play it yourself! To help nurture music theory, the app can also display the scores of the inbuilt songs. Lastly, the Recorder within the app gives you easy access to playing back what you’ve played, to listen for mistakes or admire a now perfect performance. This is especially useful for some Roland Pianos that don’t have a built-in recording function, well, they now do.

Want to learn more?

Make sure you head over to the Andertons website and check out what amazing deals we have online, if you’re ever in the area then make sure to drop by our home in Guildford for a chat with our staff who’ll be able to help you find the right piano.

*All apps are correct at the time of writing 07/08/23.

Robin Tindill
Robin Tindill

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