The Best Guitar Headphone Amps in 2024

Stuart Palmer

Stuart Palmer

Looking for a silent practice tool with a small footprint? Then you might want to consider using one of the best headphone amps for guitar. Simply plug into the unit as you would your regular amp, grab your favourite set of headphones and enjoy some great tones, without disturbing anyone else.

Typically equipped with multiple sounds and even built-in effects, they provide you with enough versatility to feel like you’re getting the most out of your practice sessions. Just plug one of these into your guitar, connect a pair of headphones — and jam away!

Do I need a Headphone Amplifier?

Headphone Amplifiers are changing the way that you practice, with the amount of tonal soundscape that is now contained within these small devices, and combined with the portability and ease of use, practicing has never been simpler.

What is a good Headphone Amplifier?

Some of the headphone amplifiers are in the form of a pair of headphones already, so in this case, they are truly plug-in-and-play. Lets look at some of the most popular and highest rated, and do a comparison! Our top picks are from BossNux & Fender. These desktop Amplifiers might just be the finest money can buy. Here is a small list of highly recommended Headphone Amplifiers, each with a subtle difference.


Introducing the Boss KATANA:GO, a personal guitar amplifier that plugs directly into your guitar. Contained within this tiny amplifier is an expansive collection of highly regarded Boss Katana amplifiers, with the option of downloading and sharing your favourite patches on the BOSS Tone Exchange.

Choose the exact tone you want with the simple-to-use interface on the organic EL display. In Guitar mode, there are 10 amplifier types and over 60 effects, and in Bass mode you have three amplifier types also with over 60 effects – a truly wide range of tonal options just for you.

For its low price for an amplifier, the Boss KATANA:GO has a plethora of features that make it a stand-out product for the headphone amplifier catagory, and is definately a must-have.

Nux Mighty Plugs

The Mighty Plug Pro offers an expanded range of amp modelling and Impulse Response cabinets. The Mighty Plug gave you the ability to connect your smart devices and use the app to change tone settings. The Pro model can go further seamlessly giving you the power to livestream or upload your favourite riffs to social media.

Using the same technology as the MP-2 version, harnessing then TSAC-HD White Box Algorithm and Impulse Responses, so that you have the ultimate guitar playing experience without compromise.

Fender Mustang Micro

The innovative Fender Mustang Micro is a complete personal guitar amplifier, featuring a wide selection of amp tones and effects from the wildly-popular Mustang series. Plug the lightweight device directly into your guitar, connect your wired headphones, choose your perfect settings — and you’re ready to go!

Featuring modern bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming, adjustable EQ, a rechargeable battery (offering 4+ hours of play time) and a USB recording output; Mustang Micro is an all-in-one, portable amp solution that’s ideal for any player — from beginner to seasoned pro.

Boss Waza-Air Headphone Amplifier

Don’t be fooled into thinking these are just a pair of wireless headphones. The BOSS Waza-Air headphones are an all-in-one personal guitar amp system that offers stunning, realistic amp tones straight to your ears – no amp needed.

With an included wireless adapter, plug in and connect to your phone via the Tone Studio app and access an endless selection of pro-grade guitar tones and effects. Innovative features like Gyro Ambience add real-time surround sound, with authentic ambience for a real studio, stage and room feel. Is this the ultimate silent guitar practice solution?

Valeton Rushead

Take the Valeton Rushead Max Headphone Guitar Amp – this is perfect for silent practice! With a straightforward design that makes it effortless to just plug in and play with, the Rushead Max offers inspiring tones based on some of the world’s most famous amps.

Vox Amplug

The Vox Amplug’s come in various forms such as the AC30, Bass, Boutique & US Silver. Each Vox Amplug emulates their respective amplifier or sound and has integrated effects, making it perfect for musicians who seek authentic tone in such a small form-factor.

Headphone Amp FAQs

Can I use a headphone amp with a bass guitar?

You most certainly can. For example, the Boss KATANA:GO is filled with the Boss Katana Sound Library and in Bass mode, you have three amplifier types also with over 60 effects for you to choose from.

Can you plug headphones into a normal guitar amp?

If your amplifier has a “phones In” input, you can connect your headphones to a normal amplifier. The benefit of the Headphone amplifier is that your total set-up is severely reduced, and portability is increased making your set-up lighter.


We hope this comparison guide has guided you into the world of Headphone Amplifiers. There is a headphone amp for everyone, and with each one having different features, guitarists truly are lucky today to have these tools at their disposal!

Stuart Palmer
Stuart Palmer
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