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11 days, 11 artists, 11 videos, 11am. A little something to keep you practicing during the lockdown!

Elliot Stent

Elliot Stent

Lockdown measures across the world have forced many of us to stay at home and find ways to keep our minds occupied. We’re not underestimating the seriousness of the current pandemic, but one silver lining that can be taken from this situation is that it has given us more time to dedicate to things that we perhaps wouldn’t have been able to fit into normal life.

A lot of people have taken up new hobbies to stay productive and, more importantly, healthy – both physically and mentally. But for us guitarists, the lockdown has provided us with freedom to practice harder and learn new techniques. And generally speaking, becoming more proficient on our instrument is something that we always aspire for. That’s why we’ve created the “Elevenses” series – to keep you motivated during the lockdown period!

What is “Elevenses”?

Andertons Elevenses

“Elevenses” is essentially a series of guest lesson videos hosted on our official Facebook page. We reached out to a few well-known guitarists in our community and bought the equivalent of an hour or two of lessons from them. But instead of having the tuition with these players ourselves, we asked them to film some tips that we could share with you – our audience!

With a video uploaded to our Facebook page at 11am over 11 days with 11 different artists, there’s plenty of new tricks and techniques to learn from some of the very best players in the industry – including Mike Dawes, Yvette Young, Simon McBride and Joey Landreth. It’s our way of giving you a short break for light entertainment rather than refreshment, although a coffee might perk you up a bit!

Why Did We Create This Series?

We wanted to support fellow musicians in need during this difficult time. Our guest tutors are a few of many affected by touring restrictions, and thousands of musicians all over the world are struggling to make a living while lockdowns are in place. And of course, we like to see our fans inspired and engaged with the awesome content that our guest players have created!

Below, you’ll find all of our Elevenses videos that have been uploaded so far. Make sure to stay tuned not just on our Facebook page, but on all of our social media platforms for the next instalment of Elevenses too:

Elevenses #1 – Sam Bell’s Picking & Chord Exercises

To kick off proceedings, here’s our UK-based pal Sam Bell showing you some slick picking/legato/chord exercises to add character to your playing:

Elevenses #2 – Quick Legato Lick with Sophie Burrell

Sophie’s a musician and online guitar teacher from the south coast of England. She’s here to teach you a quick legato lick to get you in the shredding mood!

Elevenses #3 – Artur Menezes’ Tips on Improvising!

Los Angeles-based blues/rock guitarist & Musicians Institute tutor Artur Menezes teaches you how to improvise over chord changes and use arpeggios to diversify your playing:

Elevenses #4 – Danny Dela Cruz’s Spicy Pentatonics

This episode is brought to you by UK-based rock ‘n’ roll supremo Danny Dela Cruz of Inglorious, showing you how to spice up your pentatonic licks with chromaticism, bends and slides!

Elevenses #5 – Mike Dawes on Writing Melodies

Mike Dawes needs little introduction. Here’s an update from our superstar acoustic friend, as well as a lesson on something you might not expect – writing guitar melodies with lyrics in mind!

Elevenses #6 – Ruud Jolie’s Tapping Tips

Within Temptation lead guitarist Ruud Jolie teaches some melodic tapping, breaking down the intro to the solo on his band’s song “Iron”:

Elevenses #7 – Yvette Young on Layered Guitar Parts

This instalment is brought to you by the one and only Yvette Young of Covet, explaining how she crafts layered guitar parts and practices improv using a simple looper pedal!

Elevenses #8 – Keeping Creative with Simon McBride

Simon McBride took some time to tell us a little bit about his musical journey, from his extensive session experience to his work with PRS Guitars, Victory Amps and BOSS. He also shares some tips on how to stay creative during the lockdown:

Elevenses #9 – Sus Vasquez’s Sweet E-Minor Lick!

Sus Vasquez is a Columbian session player and composer based in New York, known for her versatile chops and rad T-style tones. Check out this sweet E-minor lick!

Elevenses #10 – Chord Tones with Joey Landreth

Friendly Canadian Joey Landreth is a singer-songwriter-guitarist with a penchant for slides, open-tunings and hot vintage tones. For this episode, he teaches you how to creatively use chord tones in blues improvisation:

Elevenses #11 – Studio Tour with Adam Lee

Adam Lee joined us for Elevenses episode #11, giving you an in-depth tour of his guitars, amps, pedals, studio hardware (including a tape machine) – the works! His tone is simply sublime too…

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Elliot Stent
Elliot Stent
Elliot is a Senior Digital Product Marketer at Andertons, and at least the 7th best guitarist in the company's Web Team. He's exactly one day younger than Harry Styles, and believes that this "head start" is the only reason why Harry's more successful than him.

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