Sire Larry Carlton V2 Guitars – What’s New?

Sire’s acclaimed Larry Carlton Series electric guitars have gotten even better for 2022, and we can’t wait to tell you all about their upgrades and even some new models!

Elliot Stent

Elliot Stent

Sire Larry Carlton Series electric guitars have become best-sellers at Andertons over the last couple of years, and for good reason! Boasting high-end specs such as roasted Maple necks and rolled-edge fingerboards, these instruments outclass many other guitars in their affordable price bracket. And let’s face it, if the legendary Larry Carlton has put his seal of approval on these models — you know they must be fantastic!

For 2022, Sire Guitars have brought some small yet noteworthy upgrades to their flagship S7 Larry Carlton electrics and also their H7 semi-hollow. They’ve released brand new models too! In this blog, we’ve made it easy for you to distinguish the differences between Sire’s V1 and V2 guitars, and will bring you up to speed on their latest releases.

Sire S7 Series V2 Guitars

Both Sire’s S7 and S7 FM (flamed Maple top) electric guitars have been subtly refined, to improve both their versatility and appearance. Here are the key updates:

  • Coil Tap Function: A push/push volume knob has been added, allowing you to attain a single-coil style sound from the bridge humbucker.
  • Pickguards & Pickup Covers: Sire has introduced a tortoiseshell pickguard option for specific S7 finishes and changed the pickup covers and knobs/switch tips from black plastic to cream, with the bridge humbuckers now sporting cream/black “zebra” bobbins. These changes offer a more refreshed, premium aesthetic.
  • New ‘Champagne Gold Metallic’ Finish: For 2022, Sire have introduced a gorgeous new colour option for their standard S7 model.

Sire S3 Series Guitars (New)

The S3 is the latest addition to Sire’s S Series line-up, and the most affordable entry to date. A Larry Carlton approved model, the S3 is constructed from tonewoods and features typically found on far more expensive instruments — making it one of the best bang-for-your-buck guitars you can buy!

Equipped with an immensely-versatile Sire Standard-ST HSS pickup set, the Sire S3 also boasts a rock-solid Maple neck adorned with a luxurious rolled-edge Rosewood fingerboard and medium jumbo frets for ultra-smooth playability.

Sire T3 Series Guitars (New)

Sire’s T Series T3 model is the S3’s T-type cousin! This timeless-looking electric guitar is very similar to the S3 in base spec, but comes equipped with spanky Sire Standard-T single-coil pickups and a Sire Standard-T plate-style bridge which both yield the iconic T-style “twang”.

Sire H7 Series V2 Guitars

The H7 Series, which is Sire’s tasteful take on the venerable ES-style semi-hollow electric guitar, has received a tiny spec change that’s sure to make a bigger difference than you might think when it comes to playability. The H7’s nut width has changed from 41.5mm to 43mm, which widens the string spacing ever so slightly to provide a more contemporary, controllable feel.

Sire H7V Series Guitars (New)

If you already love the H7, then you might become infatuated with the H7V! This new 2022 model adheres to the H7 V2’s specifications, but sports a pair of punchy Sire LC Vintage P-90 “Dogear” pickups. Designed in collaboration with Larry Carlton, these P-90s offer the best of both single coil and humbucker pickups — combining the raspy, raw sound of a single-coil and the chunkier lower frequencies of a humbucker.

Sire L7V Series Guitars (New)

We’ve saved the best until last, as this just might be our favourite new 2022 guitar from Sire! Like the H7V is a P90-equipped version of the standard Sire H7, the L Series L7V is a P90’d L7 model. It’s just glorious, with the ‘Gold Top’ colour option evoking serious 1954 Les Paul vibes.


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Elliot Stent
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